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Charitable Giving - Be a Wise Donor

Audio Files:

Track 1 - Introduction (mp3)
Track 2 - Table of Contents (mp3)
Track 3 - Purpose of this Publication (mp3)
Track 4 - What Should I Know About Charitable Giving? (mp3)
Track 5 - When Someone From a Charitable Organization Knocks on My Door (mp3)
Track 6 - Step 1 (mp3)
Track 7 - What is a Non-Profit Organization? (mp3)
Track 8 - What Else Should I Know? (mp3)
Track 9 - What is a Registered Charity? (mp3)
Track 10 - Why Don't All Non-Profit Organizations Become Registered Charities? (mp3)
Track 11 - Step 2 (mp3)
Track 12 - Step 3 (mp3)
Track 13 - Step 4 (mp3)
Track 14 - Step 5 (mp3)
Track 15 - Step 6 (mp3)
Track 16 - In New Brunswick (mp3)
Track 17 - In Canada (mp3)
Track 18 - Survey (mp3)
Track 19 - Conclusion (mp3)



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