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Family Law Information Line

Toll Free 1-888-236-2444

To promote access to family law information, PLEIS-NB has partnered with the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs to offer a toll-free family law line 1-888-236-2444.   You can review our family law resources on our website or call us to find out about available publications and self-help guides on topics such as custody and access, child support, common-law relationships, getting a divorce, marital property, family violence, domestic legal aid, and so on.  We cannot offer legal advice so anyone requiring specific legal advice about their own situation should contact a lawyer.

You can also call the toll-free line to register for a free “parenting after separation” program called For the Sake of the ChildrenThis 6 hour course is offered by the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs and is divided into two three-hour sessions. The program is especially beneficial for parents experiencing separation although it is also open to other individuals. Both parents are encouraged to participate and will be registered to attend separate sessions. For more detail, check out the For the Sake of the Children pamphlet or call the toll-free number - 1-888-236-2444.

Click here to view the final report on the evaluation of the family law information project. 

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