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June 10, 2010

Helping the public know the law – one tweet at a time!

Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick jumped into social media with two new Twitter feeds.  PLEIS-NB materials are already widely used and distributed by government and non-profit organizations and Twitter will allow us to send updates and information about everyday legal questions directly these organizations and also to individuals interested in learning about the law in New Brunswick.   PLEIS_NB and SPEIJ_NB will promote awareness of the hundreds of free resources and services available to help the public. 

While it could be difficult to explain the law in 140 characters; PLEIS-NB has made use of the Q&A approach commonly found in our publications.  The separate English and French Twitter feeds will feature questions such as “Can a parent with custody move to another province?” and “What will happen to my property if I die without a will?”   A link contained in message will bring the reader to the PLEIS-NB publication or resource that can provide the answer.  Additional updates will include information on new publications and resources, legal issues in the news, and PLEIS-NB events. 

With the Twitter feeds established, we will soon be looking to expand into Facebook and other social media formats as a way to connect with the public.   You can subscribe to the Twitter Feeds by visiting (English Updates) or (French Updates).