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January 26, 2011

Form 72J (Financial Statement) now available in both official languages

An updated and revised Form 72J (Financial Statement) is now available in both official languages.   Both parties to an application to the court involving child support, spousal support, or custody, generally must fill out a financial statement.  This document provides the court with a summary of your income, expenses, property and debt, and other relevant information. Both parties to a divorce proceeding that deals with child support, spousal support, custody or marital property must also file this form.

This form is user-friendly and self-calculating.  The first page of the Financial Statement is a summary.  The rest of the Financial Statement consists of seven appendices.  Just type in the income or expense information in the appropriate columns in each appendix and it does all the calculations.  It will convert any sub-totals from the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly columns into monthly or yearly totals, and these amounts will then be entered on the first page, which is the summary page. 

IT IS IMPORTANT that everything you put in your Financial Statement is true.  You must sign it and swear to its accuracy before a Commissioner of Oaths.  Making a false statement is a criminal offence.

If you need assistance in filling out this form, see Financial Statements and Income Information:  A Guide to Completing Form 72J or call the Family Law Information Line at 1-888-236-2444.