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Internet Challenge

An Internet Challenge: Create a link to PLEIS-NB’s Webpage!
Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick is inviting middle school and high school classes, school groups or clubs, and community agencies to a youth justice internet challenge. Create your own youth justice site.

Start by checking out the Youth Justice section of our webpage.

Familiarize yourself with available resources and materials that will give you valuable information on youth justice issues. (We can provide fact sheets, posters and a youth justice video)

Then, answer the questions below.

Next, build your answers into your own youth justice splash page.

Finally, contact us arrange to have your page linked to PLEIS-NB’s site.

Let’s create a network of youth justice sites around the province!

Questions to Answer and Show on your Site:

1. How are you involve youth in your school or community?

2. How do you recognize the achievements of youth in your school or community?

3. What youth justice issues concern your school or community (e.g. vandalism, fighting, loitering, underage drinking, graffiti, gangs)

4. What are some underlying reasons for these problems…like boredom, poverty, etc.

5. What kinds of support, activities or programs would help youth stay out of trouble? (E.g. a teen centre or a skate park, a youth rehabilitation program, employment opportunities, etc.)

6. Develop an action plan that shows your solutions and how you will go about achieving them in your school or community.

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