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Abuse and Violence

Legal Toolkit for Seniors

The Legal Toolkit for Seniors provides an overview of various legal tools that might help mentally competent seniors to plan for a safe and secure future. It also contains several PLEIS-NB publications which are included in the toolkit or which can be viewed online. Project funding for the toolkit and guide was provided by the New Horizons for Seniors Program. The toolkit contains the following

Protect Yourself from Abuse and Fraud: A Guide for Seniors - Complete Guide

List of Publications in the Toolkit

You can also open and download each of the following sections of the guide.

Legal Toolkit Information Card. You can help us promote awareness of the toolkit and guide by requesting copies of this Information Card for distribution to seniors in your community.

You may request up to two copies of the complete guide by contacting PLEIS at or at 506-453-5369.



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