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Snapshot of Programs and Services for New Brunswick

This publication is a ‘’snapshot’’ of programs and services for youth in New Brunswick. It is not intended to be an exhaustive directory of all programs and services.

Youth get into trouble for many reasons. Often it is because they are bored, lack skills to find a job, do not have support from a caring adult and so on. The purpose of this Snapshot is to provide an overview of the programs and services that can help youth develop positive attributes such as leadership and communication skills, find support and counselling for particular problems, discover opportunities for enhancing their own capacities, and sometimes, simply keep busy and have fun. Fortunately, many people in the community recognize that one of the best ways to support youth at risk of getting into trouble is to address the underlying risk factors. Programs which foster academic skills, build self-esteem, promote positive peer interaction, and improve life skills can have a positive impact on youth and help reduce youth crime.

This Snapshot is intended to provide a starting place for individuals and agencies attempting to direct youth toward appropriate and meaningful activities. Whether it is helping a youth to find a sport, get a tutor, join a drama class or seek addiction counselling, the opportunity to participate in such programs can be instrumental in supporting youth. Together we can offer youth some of the tools necessary to make healthy choices about their lives.


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Published March 2001
Revised: March 2004
Revised: March 2007
ISBN: 978-1-55396-941-9


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