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Child Abuse
Children: Human Rights
Children and the Law
Dating Violence
Drugs and Alcohol
Elder Abuse

Family Issues
Family Violence
Legal Process
Media Literacy
Wills and Estates
Youth & Youth Justice

Child Abuse
Bless Our Children:  Preventing Sexual Abuse
The story of one congregation’s efforts to include sexual abuse prevention in their children’s religious education
Audience: Clergy, Lay leaders, Religious educators and schools, local child abuse councils, public child welfare agencies
Includes: 40 minute video & study guide
(Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence, 1998)

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Children:  Human Rights
Inclusion: A Sense of Belonging
This is a video that examines the barriers that a disabled person may face in day-to-day life.
Audience: Teens/Youth
Includes: 8 minute video & user’s guide
(Recreation Nova Scotia, HRM Recreation & Leisure Services, 1997)
A Mind of Your Own
This warm & inspirational video will encourage & boost the self-esteem of kids struggling with learning disabilities and foster understanding in their peers.
Audience:  Youth
Running time:  37 minutes
(National Film Board of Canada, 1999)

Playing Fair
This series contains discussion-starters on racism, respect and equality.
Audience:  Children 7 to 12 years
Includes:  4 videos, from 13 to 15 minutes
-Walker:  Walker challenges racist attitudes toward people, and shows how children from different backgrounds can form friendships.
-Carol’s Mirror:  A group of students produce a school play and, in the process, have to come to terms with racism.
-Mela’s Lunch:  The story of the unsteady beginnings of a friendship between Mela, a ten-year-old girl recently immigrated from India, and Allison, her classmate.
-Hey, Kelly!  While playing a schoolyard game, Robert calls Kelly a racist name and a fight ensues.  During their detention, they find out they’re not so different after all.
(National Film Board, 1991) [cc]

Rights from the Heart  (bilingual presentation)
Inspired by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, this is a collection of animated films.                                 
Audience:     Part I:  5 to 8 years
                       Part II:  9 to 12 years
Includes:      Part I:  36 minute video and resource guide
(National Film Board, 1994)

Vision for Equality (also available in French)
A video that examines the role of the N.B. Human Rights Act in areas such as education, harassment and its importance to society as a whole.
Audience: 12 and above
Running time: 2 hours
(N.B. Human Rights Commission, 1997)

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Children and the Law

Duty of Care:  National Education Campaign on Screening (also available in French)
In this video the national education campaign deals with the screening of volunteers and employees in positions of trust with children and other vulnerable people.
Audience: General
Includes:  15 minute video and handbook
(Volunteer Canada: Canadian Association of Volunteer Bureaux and Centres)

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Dating Violence

Abusive Relationships: Crossing the Line
This explores the topic of domestic violence between teenagers, in order to raise awareness of symptoms, causes, and treatments.
Audience: Youth/Adults
Includes: 13 minute video and guide
(United Learning Inc., 1997)

Date Rape:  A Question of Trust  (also available in French)
A video to promote free and open discussion into the identification, discussion, prevention and healing of date rape.
Audience: Youth/Adults
Includes: 25 minute video and pamphlet
(Kinetic Films Inc., 1995)

Matter of Choice:  A Program Confronting Teenage Sexual Abuse         
Identifies date rape, makes it real, and promotes discussion.
Audience:  Youth/Adults
Includes:  54 minute video and guide
(United Learning, 1991)

The Rape Drug:  A New Menace
Examines the growing use of the drug rohypnol, which renders the victim easy prey to an attacker’s sexual advances.
Audience: Youth/Adults
Running Time:  26 minutes
(Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 1998)

Right from the Start (also available in French)
This dramatic educational package helps teenagers define abuse and prevent violence in dating relationships.
Audience: Teenagers
Includes: 23 minute video and guide
(Victoria Women’s Transition House, 1992)
Worlds Apart… Coming Together: Together we can! 
This video explores youth violence and abuse. It offers an insightful perspective into the motivations and pressures that youth deal with and explains how prevalent violence can be with the youth culture.
Audience: Youth/Adult
Includes: 5 minute video and guide
(Muriel McQueen Fergusson Family Violence Research Centre, 2002)

You Oughta Know:  Teens talk about dating and Abuse
Identifies, examines, explains and then provides solutions to the problem of dating abuse.
Audience: Youth/Adult
Includes: 23 minute video and pamphlet
(Kinetic Films, Inc., 1997)

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Anything Can Happen  (also available in French)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase form for details.)
An educational video to increase awareness of legal and personal issues when divorcing parents cannot    agree on custody of the children.
Audience: Parents
Includes: 28 minute video and guide
(PLEIS-NB, 1991)

Child Support Guidelines You Can Help  (also available in French)
This video gives service providers valuable information on new child support guidelines so they may assist the public and relieve much of the frustration that this issue generally garners.
Audience: Parents
Running time: 10 minutes
(Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia, 2001)

Divorce & Separation (also available in French)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase Form for details.)
This explores one aspect of the separation and divorce process – the legal issues relating directly to the children. The video presents general information on custody, access and child support, and explains the legal process and the options available for settling differences.  It also touches on issues that may arise when violence and abuse are present.
Audience: Parents
Running Time: 20 minutes
(PLEIS-N.B., N.B. Dept. of Justice, 2000)

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Drugs and Alcohol

Women & Substance Use: Sharing Our Experiences
This explores the issues with a life-stage approach.
Audience:  General
Includes:  16 minute video and guide
(Canadian Public Health Assn., 1994)

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Elder Abuse

Preventing Elder Abuse
Betty White talks about elder abuse and how friends and family can make a life-saving difference.
Audience:  General
Running Time:  27 minutes
(Kinetic Films, Inc., 1992)

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Family Issues

Let’s Talk:  Kids are Worth the Effort
This instructional video series was created to complement the skill-building component of Parents are Forever, a post-separation parenting program.  It features Do-it-yourself Mediation, a 4-step model for teaching parents the “how to” skills involved in preparing for and managing difficult conversations. * = not available
*Scenario 1:  Kelly & Brian
  Scenario 2:  David & Susan
*Scenario 3:  Debbie & Paul
*Scenario 4:  Peter & Diane
Audience:  Parents
Includes:  4 videos
(Spirit of Newfoundland Productions and Cable Atlantic; Justice Canada and Dept. of Justice – Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2001)

The Prom (also available in French)
This video tracks a group of students from Montreal’s FACE High School, charting 24 hours of a great adolescent ritual. Observant & affectionate, this film captures a wealth of telling detail.  The teary conversations with parents over morning coffee are included along with the long hours at the beauty salon and the preparations for the after-grad booze-up.
Audience: Teens
Running time: 50 minutes
(National Film Board of Canada, 1999)

The Safe at Home Kit
This learning resource kit helps prepare parents or caregivers whose children are ready to be at home alone.
Audience:  Parents/babysitters
Includes: 30 minute video, instructor’s manual, parent’s guide & children’s handbook
(Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse, 1995)

Talking About Sex
This animated video shows different families discussing sex and sexuality and focusing on some of the feelings, questions, and concerns families can face when speaking about these things.  This video is designed to reduce the confusion and anxiety kids may feel, educate them about how to protect themselves, and foster positive self images.
Audience:  Parents, Youth
Includes: 30 minute video and activity workbook
(Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., 1996)

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Family Violence

Bridging the River of Silence a Community Reacts: Violence against Women
This explores the part that society can and must play as an intervening party and protector in cases of family violence.
Audience:  Any group attempting to build support mechanisms for battered women.
Running time: 46 minutes
(CINE-METU Productions, 1993)

Changing the Ending (also available in French)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase Form for details.)
A video dealing with the fears and concerns of abused women who encounter the criminal justice system after being assaulted by their partners.
Audience: Abused women, service providers and the general public
Includes: 30 minute video and guide
(PLEIS-NB, 1997)

Domestic Violence
Primarily addresses woman abuse but has general applicability for intervention in all types of adult abuse.
Audience: General
Includes: Part I:  48 minutes, Part II:  26 minutes and reference guide
(Oregon Health Sciences University, 1994)

Domestic Violence: Identification, Treatment, and Referral for the Health Care Professional
This video equips service providers with the information they require to identify a victim of domestic abuse. This video also contains necessary information on the nature of referrals and the proper documentation of suspected abuse.
Audience: Service Providers
Running time: 20 minutes
(Belson/Hanwright Video, Inc., 1995)

The Dynamics of Wife Battering
This is a 30 minute TV programme on domestic violence, beginning with a dramatization and followed by a panel discussion with two social workers and a family lawyer.
Audience:  Adult (Contains course language, viewer discretion is advised)
Running time: 30 minutes
(Public Legal Education Society of N.S., 1990)

Domestic Violence: The Workplace Responds
This video explains that domestic violence and its prevention is a concern of the workplace. Managers are given information of proper identification and the measures to assist employees and co-workers as they deal with violent interpersonal relations.
Audience: General/workplace
Running time: 16 minutes
(Office for Victims of Crime, 2000)

Hollow Water (DVD presentation)
This documentary explores the unique approach taken by the citizens of Hollow Water, Manitoba in an attempt to heal victims of sexual abuse and bring justice to their offenders by means of traditional practices.
Audience: First Nations, General Public
Duration: 48 minutes
(National Film Board of Canada, 2006)

One Hit Leads to Another (also available in French)
A powerful docu-drama designed to stimulate discussion and destroy common myths surrounding the issue of wife assault.
Audience: General Public & Service  Providers.
Includes: 15 minute video and guide
(Victoria Women’s Transition House, 1990)

A Place to Start: A Women’s Guide to Wife Assault Prosecution
This video explores what happens when an assault case goes to court in B.C.
Audience:  Women assaulted by their husbands/boyfriends who may go to criminal court as witnesses.
Includes:  40 minute video and guide
(B.C. Institute on Family Violence, 1993)

Reaching In – Reaching Out (also available in French)
This inspirational video shows how individuals and communities can address complex social issues.
Audience: General
Running time: 23 minutes
(Steering Committee on Public Awareness of Family Violence through Community Partnerships, 1995)

A Room Full of Men: A Film about Stopping Violence toward Women
This documentary focuses on a group of men with a history of abuse towards women, and their efforts to change.
Audience:  Intermediaries and others who want to learn more about family violence.
Includes: 48 Minute video and guide
(Heartland Motion Pictures, 1991)

Time to Change
The effect of men’s treatment programs in the prevention of family violence. This is the sequel to One Hit Leads to Another.
Audience:  General Public & Service Providers.
Includes:  26 Minute video and guide
(Victoria Women’s Transition House, 1992)

We Are Your Neighbours:  Violence Towards Women
Two survivors offer insights into what prevents victims from leaving abusive relationships.
Audience: General
Running time: 24 minutes
(Hartland Motion Pictures, 1993)
When Women Kill
This documentary places the personal stories of three battered women in a horrifying context.  It also documents the challenges within the legal system to confront the widespread violence that men inflict daily on the home front.
Audience:  General
Running time:  48 minutes
(National Film Board, 1994)

Without Fear:  A Video about Violence against Women (bilingual presentation)
A powerful video about how six women became survivors of abuse.
Audience: General
Includes:  25 minute video and guide
(Canadian Panel on Violence Against Women, 1994). [cc]

Women Can’t be Beat
Looks at woman abuse issues with a focus on the Yukon
Audience:  General
Running time:  30 minutes
(Yukon PLEI, 1988)

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Legal Process

How to be an Effective Discovery Witness
This video explains discovery, how it works, and how to be an effective witness.
Audience:  Witnesses on discovery
Includes:  12 minute video and workbook
(Canada Law Book, 1994)

How to be an Effective Trial Witness
This video explains the importance of evidence, the role of witnesses, and the process of giving evidence.
Audience:  Witnesses in court
Includes:  18 minute video and workbook
(Canada Law Book, 1994)

See You in Court: A video in American Sign Language (also available in French)
This gives deaf people important basic information about the legal system in Canada.
Audience: Deaf people, deaf-blind people and hard of hearing people
Includes:  90 minute video, viewers guide and teachers guide
(Law Courts Education Society, 1998)
Understanding the Law: The Coat 
This short animated story explores the basic principle that an advertisement can form a contract.  It tells the tale of a fashion conscious shopper who responds to a newspaper ad only to find out that the store was imposing restrictions not mentioned in the paper.
Audience: suitable for young viewers
Running time: 3 minutes
(National Film Board, 1999)

Understanding the Law: The Worm
This is a short animated story that looks at what happens to a thirsty young woman who finds a worm in her soda pop.  When the soda company refuses to take responsibility, she takes them to court.
Audience: suitable for young viewers.
Running time: 3 minutes
(National Film Board, 1999)

Mock Trial
Saint John High School and Saint Vincent High School take part in a mock trial which explores the legal system within the courtroom context.
Audience: Youth
Includes: 37 minute video and guide
(Saint John Law, 1988)

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Media Literacy

Kit 101: An Educator’s Guide to Internet Safety (bilingual CD-Rom presentation)
Kit 101: An Educator’s Guide to Internet Safety contains presentations, cue cards, a handbook and other materials you can download to use in addition to your own materials.  The presentations are designed for both small and large audiences, to be tailored to your specific requirements in promoting internet safety among youth and parents, whether you’re a teacher, police officer or community worker.
Audience:  teachers, police officers, social workers, parents
Includes: CD-Rom presentations, handbook and cue cards
(Government of Canada, The Mounted Police Foundation, 2006)

Primetime Parent (also available in French)
A media literacy workshop kit for groups interested in television and the effect it may have on children.
Audience:  Parents, babysitters, and other caregivers of children.
Includes: Training video, Clips video, manual, activity cards and handouts
(The Alliance for Children and Television, 1995)

TV & Me for Educators: Teaching Media and Life Skills
This two-part resource explores the issue of children and the media. There are a series of Concerned Children’s Advertising commercials that are shown and then discussed. This source gives teachers ideas on how to educate children about the media through the use of educational commercials.
Audience: Educators/Adults
Running time: 45 minutes
(Concerned Children’s Advertising, 2001)

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Wills and Estates

Preparing for Change
This video is part of an educational package developed as a guide to assist and encourage families in the process of planning for the future care needs of adult sons and daughters who have disabilities.
Audience: General
Running time: 29 minutes
(Prisma Productions,1997)

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Youth & Youth Justice

Bad Kids? How to Create a Criminal (bilingual presentation)
By showing us one boy’s compelling story, this video challenges the way we think about youth crime and prompts us to consider ways we can help.
Audience: Youth
Running Time: 5 minutes
(National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention)

Beating the Streets
This traces six years in the lives of two inner-city aboriginal teenagers struggling to turn their lives around. Further, it is the story of the teacher – and former drop out – determined to help them.
Audience: General
Running time: 48 minutes
(National Film Board of Canada, 1998)
A Chance for Change (bilingual presentation)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase Form for details.)
A youth justice video that depicts the out of court measures that are being used by police in New Brunswick to hold youth who come into conflict with the law accountable in the community.
Audience: Youth, parents, teachers, community
Includes: 12 minute video and user’s guide
(Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick, 2005)

Chasing Away Rain Clouds (also available in French)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase Form for details.)
Youth in New Brunswick discuss youth justice issues: how kids get in trouble, how to prevent it and the lasting effects that conflict with the law has on their lives.
Audience: Youth
Includes: 11 minute video and discussion guide
(PLEIS-NB, 2000)

A Gift of Summer: The story of Dr. Dan Offord and the Kids of Christie Lake Camp (bilingual presentation)
A Gift of Summer is the compelling story of Dr. Dan Offord and the Kids of Christie Lake Camp. This unique camp, located near Ottawa, Canada, provides outdoor recreation and skill development programs for economically disadvantaged boys and girls. Discover how this camp and the remarkable philosophy of Dr. Dan Offord combined to improve the lives of these children.
Audience: General
Running time: 60 minutes
(Health Canada & National Strategy on Community and Crime Prevention, 2000)

Inside Out (also available in French)
This video discusses life behind prison walls and issues surrounding parole. This is a kit, and includes a 46 min. video, transparencies, student handouts and a teachers’ guide to facilitate classroom discussion.
Audience: Youth
Includes: 46 minute video, handouts and teacher’s guide
(Corrections Canada/Solicitor General/Parole Board, 1998)
Keys (also available in French)
(This title is also available for purchase.  Please see the Video Purchase Form for details.)
This educational video encourages youth to learn about their rights in a creative and interesting way, exploring concepts such as fairness and equality.
Audience:  Youth
Includes:  25 minute video and guide
(PLEIS-NB, 1992)

Minister of Justice National Youth Justice Policing Award (bilingual presentation)
The Youth Justice Renewal Initiative places a high priority on the innovative way police officers deal with young offenders. The Minister of Justice recognizes these individuals with an annual award that celebrates their success and informs Canadians about these innovative approaches.
Audience: General
Running time: 13 minutes
(Thirdwave Communications Inc/Government of Canada-Dept. of Justice, 2001)

The New Brunswick Youth Centre (bilingual presentation)
The Centre, located in Miramichi, N.B., opened in 1998.  It is a unique facility designed to provide a safe and secure environment for youth aged 12-17.
Audience: General
Running time: 12 minutes
(Communications New Brunswick, 2000)

Parents are Forever (also available in French)
A video, aimed at a teen-aged audience, discussing the responsibilities of a parent, whether or not that person is married to, or living with, the other parent.
Audience: Youth (13 and up)
Running time: 22 minutes
(Law Courts Education Society of B.C., 2000)

Towards a Brighter Future (also available in French)
This video explores the issues troubled youth deal with, and offers many positive options for ways to occupy their time beyond the streets.
Audience: Youth/General
Running time: 16 minutes
(Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada, 1999)

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