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Welcome Aboard - COMPLETED

Resources for Board Members, Staff and Volunteers in the Charities Sector

Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) is pleased to announce that the funding we received from the Canada Revenue Agency, Charities Directorate has developed a number of bilingual resources to help individuals better understand the roles and responsibilities of board members, executive directors and volunteers.   PLEIS-NB has created informative publications containing information on:  

  • the challenges of small and rural organizations with regards to compliance;
  • the role of board members and officers, responsibilities and liabilities in plain language
  • the importance of board education and training and creating a corporate memory
  • resources available to help the charities sector.

The resources created include a series of bilingual pamphlets for Board Members, for Volunteers and Employees of charitable organizations as well as information on Reporting Requirements to the CRA. These bilingual pamphlets contain tips for individuals and questions to ask before making the decision to become involved in an organization.

A Welcome Aboard video and guide is also available to provide an overview for individuals joining organizations as a member of the board of directors.  The video can be an effective learning tool for many learning styles and particularly with people who may have low literacy level and a visual depiction can often be more engaging and more memorable.   The video is available online or can be ordered free in a DVD format through PLEIS-NB.

Welcome Aboard:  A Handbook for Board Members of Charities and Non-profit Organizations is available both a companion piece to the DVD and a stand alone resource.  It provides space for new board members to record the specific information for the organization they are joining.

PLEIS-NB is seeking input from the charities sector to ensure the products created will meet the needs of small and rural charities in New Brunswick.  These products are currently available through PLEIS-NB.

Contact Information:
Deborah Doherty, Executive Director

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