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Welcome to the Parent Information Program (PIP)

A free online information program for parents living separately

The Parent Information Program is a free self-guided online program made up of three parts: a one-hour parent information video, a 20-minute family law information video plus a 20-30 minute multiple choice quiz.

It is designed to provide the type of information parents need to:

  • Understand what they are going through, both legally and emotionally; and
  • Help them cope with and adjust to separation so that they can help their children adjust.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • How easily children get caught in the middle of the parents conflict and how to keep this from happening;
  • Effective communication;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Types of parenting, and
  • Ages & stages of child development

  • Where to start and the importance of making parenting plan arrangements;
  • Impacts of separation and divorce on children;
  • Resources for those concerned for their safety;
  • Types of parenting orders;
  • Child support guidelines, and
  • Options for negotiations and establishing agreements and court orders

Q. Will I have to download a special program or app to participate?
A. No. These videos can be streamed from any mobile device or computer that has internet access just by clicking on the links on the Family Law NB website. It is recommended that you use Wi-Fi when viewing these two videos from your laptop or mobile device to avoid using data if you are not directly connected to a modem.

Q. What if I don’t have a mobile device, a computer or internet access?
A. Computer workstations are available in over 60 library locations across New Brunswick. Individuals that do not have access to the internet or a device can visit a library nearest them to access the online program. It is recommended that you bring ear buds or a headset with you to listen to the two videos.

Q. What if I need proof that I participated in the online program as part of my family law proceeding?
A. You will receive an email within 2-3 business days after submitting your answers to the quiz to let you know what your score was. If you also need a Certificate of Completion as part of your family law proceeding, and your quiz score was 60 or above, you qualify to also receive a Certificate which will be attached to your email. This emailed Certificate is considered proof that you participated in the online Parent Information Program.

Q. You used to offer a program called For the Sake of the Children. Is this the same program, and can I still attend a class in-person?
A. No. Starting mid-December 2021, the For the Sake of the Children parent education in-person classes are no longer being offered.

Starting November 2021, we now offer a free self-guided online Parent Information Program (PIP) which is made up of three parts: a one-hour parent information video, a 20-minute family law information video plus a 20-30 minute multiple choice quiz.


Still have questions?

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Start Here

Step 1:

Watch the one-hour Parent Information Program (PIP) video. Begin with the introduction and follow all slides through to the end. DO NOT click on the “I have completed this session” which appears on the last slide the Nova Scotia video. Instead, GO TO STEP 2 once you completed this video.

Click here to watch the PIP video
(Hosted by the Nova Scotia Department of Justice)

Step 2:

Click here to watch the 20-minute New Brunswick Family Law Information video

Step 3:

Click here to complete the 20-30 minute quiz

What’s Next?

Answer all the questions in the quiz and click the ‘submit’ button;
Your answers are automatically sent to a Justice Services Representative;
The total quiz is worth 100 and you must reach a minimum of 60 in order to qualify for a certification of completion (if you need one).
A Justice Services representative will contact you if they need any further information; otherwise,
If you qualify, you will receive a certificate of completion by email within 2-3 business days.

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